Your film is greenlighted? Fantastic news! But before diving deep, there's something you should consider. Something that has the power to elevate your project to the next level. Wondering what it is? It's time to talk about music!

We strive to provide high-quality music that enhances your vision and brings something beyond words to your cinematic art. Our secret is our passion for stories and people, making filmmakers around the world feel understood and supported in all music production matters.

Films, Series, and Documentaries

Your film represents your aesthetics, goals, and creativity. Your characters and your story will move the audience when all the elements are just right. That's why we pay close attention to narrative and visual details and what they mean to you and your audience.

We prefer to get involved in the early stages of your production or even before it. This allows us to adapt to your workflow seamlessly. Don't wait, involve us today to ensure optimal results and save valuable time and energy for when it's most needed.

Sound and Supervision


Recording and Postproduction

Once we have the music you're looking for, we entrust it to some of the best orchestras and recording studios in the world to achieve astonishing results.



When it comes to the distribution of your music, we can help you become a discography editor by producing recordings as separate products through our label.


Licensing and Supervision

If you're looking for pre-composed music, we offer exclusive libraries featuring some of our best works through our Evolutionary Licensing catalogue.


Wherever you are and whatever your need, we can make it happen. Our activities span multiple markets, including content production, live concerts, publicity campaigns, and charity events. We analyze the core values and initiatives of your brand and transform them into musical experiences that won't go unnoticed.


Ivo Aleksander

Founding Director


Ivaylo started his artistic journey at a young age, studying various arts. He pursued studies in communication sciences and film production in Madrid, followed by a Master's in film music and entrepreneurship in France.

During his formation, Ivaylo had the chance to learn from world-class composers and create a repertoire of pieces performed by renowned artists from France and Spain.

In 2014, Ivaylo joined Cezanne Producciones in Madrid, and shortly after, he was recruited as a producer for TVE-Madrid. In 2016, he ventured into media and software as part of a joint EU-US project. Drawing from his experience, Ivaylo co-founded Evolutionary Soundtracks, quickly establishing it as a leading provider of quality music services. In 2019, he embarked on an ambitious film project for the US market and founded a new company: Evolutionary Corp.


These are some of our closest collaborators. Don't miss the opportunity of visiting their sites.


The world leading content market is our main business relations partner.

France TV

French national television is one of Europeans leading audiovisual institutions.

Spanish National Radio-Television

A reference in content and technical quality as a public television.

Cezanne Producciones

One of the most prestigious orchestral recording studios in Spain.

Orquestra Sinfonica de Madrid

Madrid's orchestra is a talented organization prepared for the most exigent pieces.


Entrepreneurs club of Aix-Marseille University.


French authors intellectual rights management agency.


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